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Property Development

The development of commercial real estate projects is undoubtedly one of the most complex undertakings in the real estate industry. With CONCEPTA as your partner you can depend on the longstanding experience and professionalism of a company that is firmly established in the market.

Projects are implemented from start to finish by our effective team of highly motivated specialists – from land acquisition to planning permission formalities, the creative design process, an efficient and on-schedule construction phase, the sourcing of long-term tenants and a successful implementation phase. 

CONCEPTA thinks in terms of city quarters that cleverly combine various types of use such as retail and eateries with office, residential, hotel, leisure or public space to create sustainable investment properties 

that also deliver quality of life.
All projects are characterised by CONCEPTA’s very unique approach to the development process. We aim to ensure that every city quarter and every property has an own narrative reflecting the existing framework and the area’s future development. That is what enables us to create bespoke and unique developments at each of the project locations.

CONCEPTA always invests own funds into commercial property developments, generally in the framework of joint ventures with selected family offices and other equity funding or mezzanine finance partners. The properties are sometimes sold during the development process, but normally not until they have been operating for a while and had the chance to stabilise. The properties developed or refurbished by CONCEPTA are all owned by long-term, responsible German and foreign institutional investors. 

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