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Asset Management

The German retail property market and local authorities face major challenges as a result of the upsurge in online retail sales, coupled with declining chain store operator expansion rates and the fact that many retail properties no longer reflect market requirements. However, this current situation also offers lucrative opportunities to institutional investors with core+ and value-add strategies.

CONCEPTA provides individually configurable asset management services to support you if you are planning to invest in this market, or to help you to strategically reposition your problematic property and bring it into line with the market. After a detailed initial analysis we develop sustainable refurbishment concepts, preferably mixed-use concepts, based on our many years of experience in the development of our own retail properties and our resulting in-depth understanding of the market and its players. In addition to strong retail models we also like to incorporate restaurant, service and leisure 

components which, depending on the location and following the city quarter principle, are cleverly combined with office, residential, hotel and public use concepts. 

CONCEPTA provides you with personal support via a dedicated consultant in every phase of the asset management process. You also profit from the collective expertise of our experienced team of real estate specialists. They are reliable and supportive, they use transparent work methods, they combine outstanding creativity and inspiration with a good dose of realism and are absolutely committed to the success of your project. 

Whether we are developing our own projects or working for you as an asset management service provider, you can count on CONCEPTA to be just as diligent and responsible about cost control and budget compliance as a property owner. Our entire service is geared to the sustainability of your property and the enhancement of its value.

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