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StadtCenter Rolltreppe Halle an der Saale

While the name Rolltreppe, meaning ‘escalator’, may initially sound odd, the people in and around Halle will know exactly what you are referring to. Before German reunification, there was a department store which bore the same name here as the store with the only escalator in the city. This site therefore has a long-standing retail tradition. StadtCenter Rolltreppe serves as a link between Marktplatz square with the Kaufhof department store and Große Ulrichstraße, which has a rich retail tradition. In East German times, this is where Europe’s busiest tram crossroads could be found. Erecting such a large, multifunctional property here was therefore something of a logistical challenge. The shopping centre combines historical structures with newly developed space for retail, eateries, offices, a gym and residential units. This can rightly be considered an example of a vibrant city centre.

A joint venture project with the involvement of the CONCEPTA managing partners and Bayerische Landesbank AG. 

Facts & Figures

Opening date: 2000
Office space: 6.000 m²
Retail space: 8.000 m²
Residental space: 2,500 m² (30 units)
Parking spaces: 55

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