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Mezzomar opens in Oberkassel

In 2017, the restaurant in the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf Wersten, which had been little visited for a long time, was kissed awake by the Mezzomar Group. Since then, the guests have flocked to Lillo Nicolosi, Paolo Tornetta and Mehmet Sünme. Finally the time has come for a further place in Düsseldorf. In the building of the new me and all hotel on Hansaallee in Oberkassel, a Mezzomar restaurant will open on Friday, June 18, covering almost 500 square meters.

A new meeting point for the district is being created here, in which not only the residents of the surrounding apartments can find typical Italian cuisine. But also the employees of the surrounding offices, the directly neighboring HSBC bank and of course the hotel guests of the me and all hotel don’t have to walk far to be spoiled with culinary delights.

“We are very proud that we were able to win such an attractive tenant for our building. Corona couldn’t stop Mezzomar either,” says Dr. Andreas Martin from Düsseldorf-based CONCEPTA Projektentwicklung, who developed this prime project together with BNS Real Estate from Hamburg and was also responsible for leasing. And Lillo Nicolosi adds: “We stand for honest, Italian cuisine. The guests should feel comfortable and enjoy the unique atmosphere.” The interior design, which was planned by the Greek architect Dimitri Koubourlis, is unmistakable. A large painting of a gorilla hangs on the wall, looking somewhat grimly into the room. But that will also be the only guest in this wonderful restaurant who is not in a good mood.