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Jan Samans becomes authorized signatory at CONCEPTA

Düsseldorf based property developer and asset manager CONCEPTA has appointed Jan Samans as authorized signatory. In his function as senior asset manager he has been responsible for all asset management activities of CONCEPTA for almost two years and in particular for the comprehensive refurbishment of the mixed-use quarter QUNICY in Cologne’s Breite Strasse, which CONCEPTA is implementing in a joint venture with London based Tristan Capital Partners.

“What we value most about Mr. Samans is his calm, unexcited manner in aligning the different interests of various stakeholders to a common goal,” says Dr. Björn Isenhöfer, managing partner of CONCEPTA.

The business graduate and retail real estate economist IRE|BS worked for many years as a center and asset manager at leading German real estate companies before moving to CONCEPTA and also has professional experience in food retailing and e-commerce.